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More than anything, Work inc has been created for the member because family deserves the best. With 86 companies spanning fintech, marketing, gaming, physiology, aviation law, video production, engineering and just about any industry you can think of; there’s sure to be a connection to be made and advice to be given. In small business it’s about balance so we make it a little easier for you to share your pennies around with themed monthly mixers, over-the-top parties, ping pong tournaments and anything we feel our members will love, and they do. But we'll let you make up your own mind about that.

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Meet some of the family

Jan-Phillip Kruip, Fitsense | Work inc

Jan-Phillip Kruip, Fitsense, family since Oct 2017

Katriina Tahka, A-Ha!: A Human Agency | Work inc

Katriina Tahka, A-Ha!: A Human Agency, family since Oct 2016

Leeanne Scott, Mortgage Choice | Work inc

Leeanne Scott, Mortgage Choice, family since Dec 2017

Az Yousaf, Elephants Can Dance | Work inc

Az Yousaf, Elephants Can Dance, family since Mar 2018

There is always something happening

Get to know the other Work inc members on both a personal and business level. These are casual and fun get togethers that include pizza nights, table tennis tournaments and whiskey tastings! Relax, unwind and meet someone new.

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