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What our members say: Your family's opinion is always important

Like every proud parent we love to gloat about our children. Some still live at home, while others have spread their wings and left the nest (they still visit us at Christmas and we always remember their coffee order).

Here’s what they have to say about their life at Work Inc.

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Jan-Phillip Kruip, Fitsense | Work inc

Jan-Phillip Kruip, Fitsense, family since Oct 2017

We've been with the Work inc team almost since the beginning and grown with them. Everyone in our team loves the space - it's creative, it's in a fantastic location and has all-around good vibes. The Work inc Team is outstanding and really going the extra mile to make sure the members have everything we need to be productive, comfortable and enjoying. An office how it should be.

Katriina Tahka, A-Ha!: A Human Agency | Work inc

Katriina Tahka, A-Ha!: A Human Agency, family since Oct 2016

Our company A Human Agency (a-ha!) has been headquartered at Work inc in Bay 9 for almost 2 years now and we love it! The space, the atmosphere and the community are perfect for our needs. As an entrepreneur investing in office space is a big financial decision but has been a 'no brainer' for bringing our growth plans to light here. Highly recommended for other start-ups. Get amongst it!

Leeanne Scott, Mortgage Choice | Work inc

Leeanne Scott, Mortgage Choice, family since Dec 2017

This has been a fantastic transition for our business - after being in formal corporate spaces for most of our 20 years in business, being in Work inc has made coming to work fun again. The staff are lovely, always willing to help, and our clients absolutely love it too.

Az Yousaf, Elephants Can Dance | Work inc

Az Yousaf, Elephants Can Dance, family since Mar 2018

Work inc is an amazing space to run your business from. The perfect location and funky vibe with a growing and diverse community. A mix of start-ups and established, well known organisations. Add in a fantastic cafe and a quality fit-out and it wins in the shared space category.

Lisa Sullivan, One Management | Work inc

Lisa Sullivan, One Management, family since Mar 2018

Great shared office space. For a boutique company having the facilities of a large office is fantastic. The Work inc staff are all so great and nothing is ever too hard for them to help you with. Bay Ten Espresso and their staff are outstanding, we love our morning coffee runs!

Warren Trac, Invision Eyecare | Work inc

Warren Trac, Invision Eyecare, family since May 2018

Work inc is an incredibly cool and trendy place to work, with great people and an award winning cafe that looks after all our coffee needs. There is a friendly community vibe encouraged by the awesome Work Inc team. They even organise fun events to get everyone together!

Amin Hamzavian, Avlaw | Work inc

Amin Hamzavian, Avlaw, family since Feb 2018

We've been very happy with the decision to relocate our business to Work inc. Fantastic facilities, friendly staff and a beautiful location! Conveniently located within a short walk of both North Sydney and Milsons Point train stations. Highly recommended for a wide range of businesses, big and small. We're loving it here and are looking forward to what the future holds.

Paulina Larocca, Creative Catalyst | Work inc

Paulina Larocca, Creative Catalyst, family since Oct 2017

I love my workplace. Great building, lots of beautiful break out places to work, super convenient and well priced. But it's the people that really make the place special and, of course, the wonderful cafe team at Bay Ten Espresso - the heart of the building. The best coffee, food and service. They really look after you and that turns it from an office to a second home.

Rachael Hackett, MDBriefCase Australia | Work inc

Rachael Hackett, MDBriefCase Australia, family since May 2019

The energy and vibe of the Work inc team has made us feel right at home in their industrial boutique co-working space. The facilities and location are perfect for start-ups and small businesses, equipped with small and medium meeting rooms and break-out areas for team and client meetings. Work inc have fostered a fun and chilled community environment with awesome networking events!

Nancy Georges, The Female Social Network | Work inc

Nancy Georges, The Female Social Network, family since Sep 2018

The first time I came here was for a meeting at the divine Bay Ten Espresso (which is fantastic!). Now I work here & love it. The Work inc crew are the most supportive proactive property managers I’ve ever encountered. The offices are great. Communal areas mean we can work throughout the space and there is a load of creative clever eye candy. Easy to be creative at Work inc .

Eleanor Cox, The Female Social Network | Work inc

Eleanor Cox, The Female Social Network, family since Sep 2018

Beautiful space with lots of light, high tech after hours entry, and most importantly warm and welcoming staff. I highly recommend this space in a gorgeous location - just a few minutes walk from Wendy Whitely's Secret Garden.

Daniel Keith, AlayaCare | Work inc

Daniel Keith, AlayaCare, family since Aug 2018

Work inc is amazing, I never thought I would fall in love with a work space but, well, there you go! Being greeted like family in the morning by the team at Bay Ten Espresso makes sure you start every day with a smile on your face. The facilities are incredible, the bathrooms are hotel quality and despite the images that a communally shared bathroom may conjure, it's like being at a day spa. The team here are always happy to help (with smiles on their faces), and keep everything clean, shiny, and working properly so we don't have to think about anything. If you're looking for somewhere that's easy to get to with great facilities, cool design, a great coffee shop, and a beer fridge, you've found it!

Matt Binskin, AlayaCare | Work inc

Matt Binskin, AlayaCare, family since Aug 2018

The coolest office in Sydney! The vibe and community atmosphere really elevates the experience above that of your standard workplace (the awesome coffee from Bay 10 Espresso helps too!).

Jessica Boot, AlayaCare | Work inc

Jessica Boot, AlayaCare, family since Aug 2018

I love this work space (and I would never have imagined I would ever write those words). I really enjoy walking in everyday - I literally have a smile on my face. The facilities are wonderful and clean (- it's almost like everyone working here enjoys the space so much they don't want to ruin it!). I work in a small team in Australia (our head office is in Canada) and it's fantastic to be part of a larger workspace that you can be as involved with (or not) as you choose. The team here look after us really well, keeping everything running so we don't have to worry about anything and so friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a conveniently located, serviced work space with a fun edge, look no further - Work inc is the space for you!

Jessica Lewy, Retail Career Management | Work inc

Jessica Lewy, Retail Career Management, family since Jan 2017

An absolute pleasure coming into work everyday. I love the unique aesthetic and the fact that it doesn't look like your average office. The team are so friendly and helpful and the location is very easy to access, perfect for hosting clients and visitors.

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