ep2: Stephanie Campanella

The Founders by Work inc

Stephanie Campanella was not a school kinda girl. Used to getting D’s and E’s, she never quite ‘got’ school and says “I STILL can’t count”. After studying Graphic Design she scored a 9:00-5:00 working in web design. In April 2011 at 2pm she was retrenched from her full-time job. Steph couldn’t even go home as the bus service didn’t start till 4pm so she sat alone in St Leonards and pondered her future. While pondering she realised she was a badass and was never going to work for someone else ever again. She made a pact then and there to forge her own destiny. Now she works for herself and helps others to do the same successfully. When she’s not mentoring creatives you'll see her around Work inc sporting her Lorna Jane active-wear.

Duration: 18:20 - Published: Fri, 8 Feb 2019

The Founders by Work inc - Work inc

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