ep4: Tim Leatherman

The Founders by Work inc

This mini-episode of The Founders is an absolute fire up for anyone who is thinking of or who has ever thought of giving up- The king of tenacity… The multi tool magnate…inventor of the “Leatherman”, Tim Leatherman! He is humble, he is loyal and he is incredibly successful (and busy) but he popped into Work inc to check out the space and jumped on the mic in the podcast studio to share his story of how he went from a lofty inventor to a global king pin in the multi-tool industry making him a house-hold name. The Leatherman is synonymous with offering all the tools you need to solve any problem and a look under the hood of Tim Leatherman will help you with whatever you are facing right now.

Duration: 3:54 - Published: Mon, 1 Apr 2019

The Founders by Work inc - Work inc

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