ep7: Gary Latham

The Founders by Work inc

This week we get a little dark on "The Founders" with a guest who's got a killer funeral playlist lined up for his D day and who knows how to pitch to investors in a t-shirt and thongs. Gary Latham, co-founder of the multi-award winning hair salon, Wild Life Hair, talks about the fundamentals of running such a salon while showing us that there's a lot to learn from hairdressers when searching for longevity in your business and keeping customers coming back. Gary and Jayne, the husband-wife duo that run the local salon in Milsons Point, have let their hardships style them into great motivators for the whole community. This episode is a gentle journey into the heart and mind of a man diagnosed with Parkinson's that swears by the mantra, "there is always someone worse off than you."

Duration: 29:11 - Published: Thu, 4 Jul 2019

The Founders by Work inc - Work inc

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