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For those who have ditched the 9 to 5 to start something great; to be impassioned to rise early, work late, and be surrounded by other self-starters striving for brilliance.

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Memberships & Pricing

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A spot of your own in a supportive playground

The kitchen bench is a fine spot for your work but since when was ‘fine’ good enough?  Far more than fine, our dedicated desks give you the liberty to focus on your business without having to clear space for dinner prep.

Work inc’s tenacity for well-designed workspace encompasses its desk options too. Just because you’re a sole trader, not in need of an entire office, or prefer to be in the company of people just as eager to succeed on their own; doesn’t mean you deserve a makeshift desk or hot desk in a high-trafficked area full of noisy distractions. Since expanding our desking options, Work inc is now home to two dedicated desk bases, each with their own mini ecosystem. 

It's your desk, all the time

A grand desk for a grand personality.

We don’t hot desk, each space is for you and you only so, you can make it how you like and leave it like that for the next day, and the day after that. This means there’s one less thing to worry about each morning; plus, it gives you the chance to nest, store belongings while out on the town, and establish a grounded routine with reliable service.

Sometimes there’s no amount of inspirational quotes pinned to a wall that can get you through the hard days so, let us make your home a little more pleasant with a smiley crew on hand to assist or lend a supportive ear, and a desk area teeming with friendly minds like yours, disrupting the mediocrity and pushing the bar higher one day at a time.

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Bay 10 Base

You never thought you would work above a café, but you didn’t think you’d start your own business either. And yet, here we are. The Bay 10 dedicated desks sit in a lofty pod above Bay Ten Espresso with access to its own kitchen, communal meeting rooms, sundeck, and boardroom. Across the warehouses, natural light fills every nook so you can expect a healthy glow for your productive flow.
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Bay 7 Base

Our newest addition to the Work inc warehouses, this base sits in the same warehouse as our podcast studio, as well as, community kitchen, meeting room, and cosy booths. But like all our memberships, you aren’t confined to only the Bay 7 facilities, make your desk your homebase and use the coworking space how you like. 

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A space to feel belonging

Surrounded by creative, innovative, and dedicated minds; a coworking home is perfect for the individual that always striving for more. When grabbing a quick coffee fix in the café, you may strike up conversation with a passionate fellow changing how people see finance through their video game, or, you may play table tennis opposite someone that’s just released their latest book for harnessing emotions to drive creativity. Or why not sit down with an established business leader and pick their brains? There are infinite connections to be made, all this and more…


Learn more about our incredible community life.

A Higher Level of Care to Keep you Focused

Working here is different. Far beyond the likes of the traditional hot desk office. Our people go above and beyond to make this space feel like home. We make sure everyone feels comfortable and connected in our shared coworking space—with friendly conversations, introductions to professionals with similar interests, and all the amenities to make our desking place feel like the place to be to mull out details, finish your next breakthrough project, or get inspired with something new. You can count on fast and reliable enterprise-grade internet in our desking facilities and never worry about internet lag again. As well as security, 24/7 access, printing, a communal kitchen, showers, and more!

Work inc is also home to a great cafe, Bay Ten Espresso. So you never have to go too far for some great coffee or breakfast in the morning.

A single desk membership but with all the extras included

Here’s a little of what you can expect to see in your routine here…

All Access, Always

  • 6 warehouses linked by heritage archways
  • 10 Meeting Rooms
  • Boardroom
  • 30+ Breakout Spaces
  • Podcast studio
  • 12 Showers, daily towel service
  • Internal Bicycle Parking in each bay
  • Café
  • 6 Community Kitchens
  • Hotel-like Concierge Services

For the Experts

  • Flexible, monthly-leasing agreements

  • Fast, reliable internet: Dedicated fibre optic cable with fail-over connections (Enterprise Grade + SLA)

  • Up to 300Mbps internet connection speed

  • Shared, secure, and spacious base with your own community

  • Large desks and ergonomic chairs

  • Same desk each day, not shared

  • Smart air-conditioning

  • Lockable storage pedestals

  • Bookable Meeting Rooms, varied sizes
  • Community kitchens stocked with essentials (tea, milk, coffee, sweets)
  • Daily cleaning, sanitising, etc. – Day & Night
  • 24/7 access to the building
  • Security: After-hours and weekend monitored security
  • Smart trash system: compost, recycling, and landfill bins
  • Personal mail and package handling
  • Printing: Black + White Printing included

The more Fun Stuff

Network Mixers

Plus over-the-top parties, and spontaneous get-togethers


Craft beer, cider, wines, and sodas plus, table tennis

Bay Ten Espresso

Our in-house cafe, need we say more?

30+ Eclectic Breakout Spaces

For every type of work (our favourite’s the blue sofa with the rainbow book wall)

Podcast Studio

Novice to know-it-alls can take advantage of our professional podcasting equipment set up

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking with electronic parking stations

Shower Facilities

Kitted with what you need (daily towel service, GHD hair dryers and straighteners, Thank You products, and more)

Friendly Team

A team on hand to help you with any need or just to chat


Sundeck for morning meditations

Ample Fresh air and Natural Light

Open spaces and natural light for optimal health and productivity

An easy ride to the Sydney CBD

Not only a simple commute for you but a great spot to impress clients, Work inc’s location is prime no matter which direction you’re coming from. Plus, it’s surrounded by harbourside running tracks, secret gardens, Sydney city views, and a wealth of bars, restaurants, and cafes to treat yourself with.

At arm’s length:

  • 100m Bus stop
  • 400m Milsons Point station
  • 400m North Sydney station
  • On-street parking
  • One train stop from Sydney CBD
  • Bridge walk across Sydney harbour
  • Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden

Find a short or long-term solution for your desking needs

Let us help introduce you to the perfect working environment for early risers and impassioned night owls with a private tour, and learn more about the magic of having your own desk in our close coworking community.

Your Own Dedicated Desk 

  • Always know where you’ll be able to sit.
  • Always have access to your desk. No matter the day or time.
  • You’re able to set up shop and leave your things at your desk or in your included lockable storage.

The reasons we don’t ‘Hot Desk’ 

  • We like to remove the anxiety of worrying about where you’ll sit.
    In what is usually a ‘First come, first serve’ environment
  • Often with hot desking you will only have a limited amount of times a month you can hot desk, within limited hours in the day. We believe in flexibility and working around the hours that suit you.
  • You must pack up or move around your belongings between your visits, or when you move away from your desk (e.g. for meetings or lunch.)
  • There are limited opportunities to form a community in hot desking arrangements, so we like to remove the transient environment, instead you’ll see familiar faces in a supported environment. 

Looking for a more private office space to seat some more coworkers? Consider taking a look at our private offices. If you’re torn between options, we can walk you through a tour of both. 


Come see the space for yourself and see what it’s like to belong

Have a few questions of your own?