Our Coworking Community

Coworking isn’t only about a shared space; its daily opportunities sitting right in front of you. In the warehouses you’re surrounded by diverse neighbours with pickable minds where if you take a chance on a kitchen conversation you just might leave with fresh ideas, a shift in perspective, or even a long-lasting relationship. Take as much or as little as you want from the community but know that when you’re in a jam, it’s always there to support you. 

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Work inc’s luring vibe stems directly from our people, our community, and without them we’d just be furniture in a warehouse

We all know that knowing the right people can get you far so, think of Work inc as your gateway to infinite possibilities. All under one roof, we have just about every industry you could imagine and it’s up to you to take advantage. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find members teaming up on a project or sitting down to coffee picking each other’s minds; it’s cross-pollination at its finest. But striking up conversation with a total stranger can be tough so that’s where we come in – let us be the mutual friend that puts you in touch with your future special someone. You never know where a casual conversation may lead. 

Interiors that provoke avant garde creativity and endless conversations
Interiors that provoke avant garde creativity and endless conversations
Interiors that provoke avant garde creativity and endless conversations

The benefits of coworking are seriously innumerable and quite personal but here are a couple that may be of importance to you:

  • Quick collaboration
  • Easy networking
  • Human connections
  • Support system all around
  • Feel a part of a community that really gets it
  • Brainwaves ready to be had at any moment

“Everyone here smiles at each other”

– A member’s client while passing through

A big little place

By first impression, our space seems massive; there are unreachable ceilings, hidden cavities all over the place with meandering paths joining to others but let Work inc wash over you and not long after you’ll feel it’s smallness, and that’s the wonderful community at play. 

There’s life within the bridge

Amongst the concrete and steel is an ecosystem swimming with animation, creativity, and imagination. When inside this unique alcove of the bridge there’s no possibility for a grey day. You’re the protagonist in this story and it’s up to you to choose how your adventure develops. But know that whatever it may be, we’ve got your back to make it happen – a morning commute could look something like a cycle over the bridge, a misty ferry ride, or a harbourside stroll to the laneway. An afternoon pick-me-up may be through means of a self-indulgent sweet from the lolly trough, a mind clearing run, or venture to Bay Ten for a bit of banter with the crew over a hot brew. It’s all up to you. 

Made in Middlemiss

A journal by Work inc

One laneway can stir an infinite sum of ideas you never knew you had. Middlemiss laneway is where good ideas come to grow. We’ve picked the minds of members, locals, and absolute strangers to share the stories you don’t hear enough about. It’s for the curious, the hungry, and the experimental.

Listen in on the conversations and the stories that take place here and around. With 650 unique minds occupying the bays there’s plenty to share with the whole neighbourhood no matter your membership status. This is for everyone. 

Random Acts of Work inc-ness

When we think of our members we think of kindness. Kindness shown towards us, and towards other members. When we think of kindness, we think of our members shouting each other coffee or passing on a beloved book, shouldering tears on tough days, and lending ears for others, because we all know we may be the ones needing it down the line. Whether it be sharing chilli sauce to give a bit more oomph to a stranger’s lunch in the kitchen, or online shoutouts expressing the genuine awe you have for a member’s brilliance; random acts of Work inc-ness can be seen at any given moment. All you have to do is be here and you’ll see it.

This is where it all starts

Where good ideas come to grow