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We ride in our own lane, that's Middlemiss Laneway

We stick to what’s in our own backyard, and that’s because we believe in everything we do. We love our place in the laneway and our place in the world. To be enablers of good business, we must enhance the way people work and that means turning away from competitors and setting our own standards, aiming them high. We believe good people, good service, and a well-designed space can transform the working experience. We want everyone to enjoy their work as much as we do. It’s as simple as that. 

Champions of customer service with beautiful offices

Who is Work inc?

We’ve been told we attract people that are like us, so this is who we are…

A start up itself, Work inc is powered by condensed might. Our growing team is made of unique individuals with remarkable skills and admiring backstories. Together, we have transcended the expectation of a workspace, creating a friendly fusion – hotel luxury, bed and breakfast comfort, small-town community, and the eclectic skill of a circus troupe, plus the quirk factor. 

Ground Control – Work inc’s Core 

People are important and essential for successful service; here are some of the warehouses’ important humans

Donut lady

Kristy Bannister

A ‘roll up your sleeves’ powerhouse, Kristy spends her days in the warehouses as Director of Operations and by night (and the wee hours of the morning) she’s dipping her hands into colourful frosting and sprinkles, running her own business – Dr. Dough Donuts. You’ll never catch her taking the glory, but she’s chiselled each team member into the people they are today. An inspiration, a hard worker, and a mentor to all. 

That qantas guy

Stephen Grusovin

Fresh from the plane, former QANTAS flight attendant, Stephen, has made our warehouses his aircraft. His 27 years of customer service experience has taught us that good service must be intuitive, subtle, and selfless. Listen for the chortle of laughter that follows as he brightens member’s days with cheeky yarns from the sky.

Call him Sav

Brendan Sav

Sav lives his life at the edge of his seat, meaning he’s eager to dive in and move that piece of furniture for you or if it occurred, he’d clamber up to rescue the cat from the tree. He’s your first point of human connection with Work inc as our commercial manager, and like all of the team, he embodies the brand values – authenticity in kindness, good-humoured, expresses empathy intuitively, and fun. You’ll meet him on your tour, make sure to ask about the bands featured on his shirts.


Brittany Davidson

Resident wordsmith, photographer, and general art factotum, Brittany is the keen eye behind the Work inc brand. A new political and social sciences graduate, she draws inspiration from everywhere, but the heritage warehouses are her current blank canvas. Powered by strong values, ambition, and passion for everything she does, Brittany is a major driver in keeping the business from complacency and steering us from the norm.

The Seamstress

Geordie Peacock

A seamstress within and out of the workplace, Geordie is first person you greet upon arrival and the invisible hands behind Work inc’s comforts. Making sure we’re fully stocked with the essentials; Geordie sews the little things all together. On top of it all, this rockabilly seamstress can crack any pickle with your tech. 

Finance Nerds

Susan Smith & Jo Rosen

You won’t see Susan and Jo around our front desk all that often, they’re more the bookworm types that enjoy residing in Work inc’s top shelf office. They’re the doctors of the business; number crunchers, forecasters, budgeteers, compliance and tax experts, and all the other adhoc things that come with running heritage warehouses. Simply, these ladies are our nerds that weirdly love this stuff, and they’re great for a book recommendation.

The Founder

Mark Davidson

A little elusive around the workspace, Mark is the casually dressed man in the Work inc tee, probably donned with a pair of blue jeans and a story of his latest ride in the desert. A three-time Dakar rally rider, he draws comparisons between the adversity faced when you’re a solo rider in a high altitude enduro, with the tough blows of day-to-day life as a self-starter. Mark’s taught us that like any good adventure, start up life is about hard work, soul, and a bit of risk.

Work inc was never on the cards for Mark. The man with a property background simply sought a new office that looked different from all the rest, and seamlessly (but also not seamlessly), he had what was to be a coworking space on his hands, before Sydney even knew the word.

The Work inc warehouses are noticeably grand because it’s a visual amalgamation of years of entrepreneurial experience. The artefacts on the walls you see, the furniture you touch, and the vibe you feel, it’s all authentic and it all has a story just like the space itself. A testament to a vibe cannot be bought, together with his business partner of 20 years, Mark Davidson and Robert Whyte have built a business where you can see their love and care down to every little detail. 

“You can give up any time of the day, but it really comes down to your internal fortitude. You tell yourself – No, I’m not going to give up, I can do this, I can get through.”

– Mark Davidson, Work inc Founder

The Contributors

The other people behind the scenes

  • Bay Ten Espresso café misfits
  • Young & Deep, our housekeepers
  • Ray Park & Co, our nocturnal cleaners
  • Quantsec, IT mavens
  • Phil, the handyman
  • Mick the towel guy
  • Tom, the plumber
  • Paul, the locksmith
  • Kieran, the café musician
  • Anchor, the security guards
  • Rose, the photographer
  • Disc Electrical, keeping us lit

& so many more helpful humans…

Working for Work inc

At Work inc, we are always looking for exceptional talent to help drive our team and members forward. We value hustle over honours. We’re more interested in the whole you than just what the transcripts have to show. We hire from all walks of life if you’ve got the zealous character to back it up. So, if you’re up for it then throw your hat in the ring.
*No roles are available currently. But watch this space!

We ride in our own lane, that’s Middlemiss Laneway

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